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Cozy Murder Mystery series and Short Stories

by Canadian author K.L. McCluskey

Cozy Murder Mystery Books

About this series.

What could go wrong when a professor and geology students rent a few cottages as a base for field work in the area? Will it be a peaceful end to the busy summer season...for a change? Will it end without a murder ... for a change?


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Phew. Nobody died at the resort this time. Charlene could breathe a sigh of relief. She had enough work running Kirk Lake Camp. It was the height of the season and all the cottages and fishing boats were rented. To top it off, a perfect storm was brewing.


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It was the busy Thanksgiving week-end and Charlene had lots of work to do. The trouble was, her best friend Sarah decided to move in to avoid her relationship woes. The trouble was, one of the guests was murdered.

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After spending a peaceful and relaxed winter in rural Nova Scotia Charlene is back in Ontario for another noisy and hectic season. It started well but a dead body discovered on her property just a week before the May long week-end changed everything.

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Let this season be over. Charlene is back from a short holiday to the east coast and is ready to get the resort closed up for the winter so she can high-tail it back to Nova Scotia. She can't wait! Sam is helping her close the resort and Sarah isn't any more whacky than usual. Everything is looking good for a smooth end to the season until, "kill me now!" Charlene thought, "someone died."

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Short Stories

About this book.

Life in rural Nova Scotia along the eastern shore has its own culture and way. This collection of small stories from the perspective of a CFA, a Come From Away, highlights the author's view of life around her new home.

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He couldn't believe the magic happening all around him on stage. He was tired, but pumped at the same time. He knew he would have more than enough energy to get him through to the end of the grand finale.

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She looked down at herself. She did this because she just looked up. What she saw made her look down. How did it happen or was she always like this?

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Oh my stars! It's what she said aloud even though she was the only one in the kitchen. Another coffee mug!

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She could hear the truck or car or whatever it would be before she saw it. She kept her her head down and looked down at her chest to make sure not too much was showing as she was bent forward.

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He kicked the ball hard. He knew it was hard because he played soccer two times a week. Not in Nova Scotia, in Ontario. That's where he lived.

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An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan Publishing is a small publisher of ebooks and paperpack books located on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. The name, An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan, is Scottish Gaelic and means The Yellow House on the Pond. We are starting with the Kirk Lake Camp cozy murder mystery series by Canadian author K.L. McCluskey and will build on titles from there. The ebooks and paperbacks will be available to purchase through numerous retailers and are distributed by Smashwords and Amazon. Paperback books are only available at Amazon or at select locations in Nova Scotia.

Recently added is a small collection of short stories about life on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, also by K.L. McCluskey. Illustrations for An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan Publishing are by Arthur McBain.


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